Rivista di etica e scienze sociali / Journal of Ethics & Social Sciences

Helen Alford

lecturer in the economics and business section of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Pontifical University of St.Thomas, Rome.

She is currently part of an inter-university research project on financial ethics, sponsored by the Italian Bishops’ Conference

Gabriele Giulimondi

docente presso la Facoltà di Scienze Sociali, PUST. 

Aree di ricerca: Local Area Internetworking, Network Computing, Sistemi Operativi, Network Operating System, Information Technology

Nestor Lisondra

Filippino priest currently studying for the licence in the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Angelicum.

This article is drawn from a paper he wrote for a course on "Topics in the Politics & Economics

of Europe of Special Interest to the Christian Church"

Paola Palagi

docente di teologia morale PUST Roma,è incaricata del corso di Morale Politica ed Internazionale.

Ha pubblicato: Giorgio La Pira. Politica e opzione per i poveri, EDB, Bologna, 1996

Luigi Troiani

docente di Relazioni Internazionali presso la Facoltà di Scienze Sociali PUST.

Aree di ricerca: Sistema delle relazioni internazionali ed Economie di transizione

Primavera Wright

Geography graduate of the University of Cambridge and collaborator in the Faculty of Social Sciences, 

Pontifical University of St.Thomas, Rome


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